Narrow Your Job Search: Where do you want to LIVE?

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Narrow Your Job Search: Where do you want to LIVE? blog image

Narrow Your Job Search: Where do you want to LIVE?

This blog was written by Caitlin Pfaff, our Campus Ambassador at Florida State University. She is majoring in Marketing, minoring in Communications, and pursuing a Certificate in Leadership Studies. She is very involved on campus particularly through the Student Alumni Association and Alpha Phi.

So, you’re looking for a job but have no idea where to start? The other day I was having a discussion with a friend about the future and our potential career paths. In the discussion, I mentioned a couple of cities that I would consider moving to if I was offered a job. She mentioned that she also had created a short list of cities or areas that she was interested in.

This sparked a thought-provoking discussion between the two of us and together we came to a conclusion of how to help narrow down your job search. First off, know where you’re interested in living. This is not only going to be the place you work, but also where you socialize and possibly build a foundation for the rest of your life. Having an understanding of where you would like to live will help narrow down the job search, especially when you know what you want to do. For example, if you’re interested in working in Orlando in the Hospitality industry, you may consider looking for jobs at some of the top companies in Orlando for hospitality such as Disney, Universal, and other resorts.

For now, some of my top cities are Atlanta, Tampa, and Charlotte. Do you think this will help in your future job search? Where are your top cities?