Near or Far

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Near or Far

This blog is written by Sara, our campus ambassador from the University of Central Florida.

As graduation comes closer and closer, my fear grows larger and larger. Although we hate to admit it, it’s time to grow up. I rest assured that being thrown into the Big Girl World is not a fear I have alone, however. From magazine covers to small city taxis to my Big Apple inspired Magazine Publishing binder, I am bombarded with the desire to move to the city that harbors my dream job. Dead set on moving to New York City when I graduated, I wasn’t letting anything get in my way…until I met the most handsome, amazing, 6’3” roadblock.

If growing up isn’t scary enough, what do you do when you have a dream that lives so far from home but a promising relationship so close? What is a girl to do?!

Now of course, the girl power side of me advises all my fellow interns to go after the most amazing job opportunities you’re offered. But the girl-in-love side of me advises you all to try and have both of your dreams meet in the middle.

Not sure how to make both of your dreams come true? Here are some ideas:

Virtual Work: Online internship can lead to online jobs. With 8 virtual internships under my belt, I can say with confidence that a virtual internship is amazing. Not only are these internships treasured for their “your time, your schedule” style, you can also make both of your work and love dreams come true. Keep those virtual options open when you’re applying for jobs!

Idea Mogul: The amazing Lauren Berger is the perfect example of this! Finding your niche and being able to make it into an extremely successful empire is the perfect job. After having the pleasure of working with idea moguls like, our very own, Lauren Berger at InternQueen, Amy Levin at College Fashionista and Caroline Orlando at CocoKouture Magazine, I’ve learned to look up to these amazing women more than I can explain. They not only had a dream to be something great, but they also had a dream to create something great. If you are the next idea mogul, share it with the world and become your own boss.

Keep it Local: You don’t have to give up on your dream just because you can’t relocate! If you’re anything like me, you daydream of becoming the next Anna Wintour. This dream is possible anywhere! Start at the bottom of the ladder at your favorite local magazine and climb, my friends, climb. You can be the next Anna Wintour of your town’s magazine. If Fashion Public Relations and Events call your name, apply for a corporate position at your local boutique or put together the best local fashion show your town has ever seen. Remember there are always different variations of your dreams.

No matter what you chose to do, always dream until your dreams come true, but don’t avoid the roadblocks.