Need to Study? Watch TV!

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Need to Study? Watch TV!

This blog is written by Mary, our campus ambassador from Quinnipiac University.

Television is supposed to be a way of relaxing—a mindless break from reality.  I was always told by my grandma that all TV does is rot my brain and hurt my eyes.  Sorry Gram. I love you, but I found a flaw in your argument.
What if TV could actually be relevant to what you’re learning right now and your future career? It hit me the other day when I was in my Integrated Marketing Communications class.  One of the girls sitting next to me asked me to explain something about advertising theory to her.  She asked me how I knew so much about whatever we were talking about. My answer? Mad Men.
Here are my top three TV show picks that will make you laugh during midterms and may even help you out on your tests and in your career.

  1. The Office—This one is an no-brainer.  For anyone who’s ever had a job in an office, I think you can relate to having that co-worker who is a bit quirky like Dwight or a little out of touch, but has good intentions like Michael.  Sure, they go about conflict resolution a little differently, but when you think about it, they have that family-like quality that you want to find in any great internship or career.
  2. 30 Rock—I am probably the biggest 30 Rock fan you’ll ever meet.  This show has a more corporate-meets-show-business edge to it and actually relates well to management styles for all of you management majors out there.  Liz’s unorthodox style of managing her writers paints a picture of how crazy the show business world can be and what goes on behind the scenes.  And Tina Fey is probably the funniest woman on the face of the earth.
  3. Mad Men—This show is my latest obsession.  My Integrated Marketing Communications teacher mentioned the show one day in class and I actually got really addicted to it. The show paints a picture of the advertising world in the 60’s when the techniques you learn about in class today were just being developed and shows a lot about how those changes impacted advertising as a result.  Jon Hamm isn’t too bad to look at either.

So is it time for a study break yet?