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Networking 101

We often hear that networking is extremely important in every profession. For interns, it is especially encouraged that you get out and meet as many people as possible. Below are a list of tips to build your network during your internship:

• Have lunch with your manager and other members of your team. Start your networking with those around you first. Its essential to build rapport with your manager and your team. Not only will it assist you with projects and recommendations, but it will provide a positive work environment as well.

• Get to know fellow interns. Many companies have formal internship programs and hire several interns. Take the time to introduce yourself and have lunch with your colleagues. You never know when you’ll need to call on them in the future.

• Don’t burn bridges. During your internship you may unfortunately encounter someone you don’t relate to. However, its wise to still maintain a cordial relationship with that person. Its often said, “those you step on, on your way to the top will be the one who will mostly likely meet you there”. This simply means, you never who you will run into again.

• Ask colleagues to go to lunch/coffee with you. When you bump into someone you’re not too familiar with but would like to learn more about its great to ask them to lunch or for coffee. It’s a comfortable way to begin to develop a relationship with someone.

• Maintain your network. Use technology such as LinkedIn and emails to connect with those you met during your internship after it ends. Its great to follow up with people 2-3 times a year. Remember when you send it emails to keep it professional and avoid slang or “text language”.

This blog post was written by our Campus Ambassador, Kyshira Moffett from Hampton University.