Networking-The Power to Stay Ahead of the Rest via LinkedIn

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Networking-The Power to Stay Ahead of the Rest via LinkedIn

This blog is written by Ashley, our Campus Ambassador from University of South Florida. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Leadership Studies.

I love LinkedIn and the power of networking. LinkedIn is a professional networking social site. I like to call it my online resume. With a click of a button you’ll be able to see a person’s credentials, education, organizations and groups they’re apart of amongst other things as well. I believe if you’re serious about your future career you should be on LinkedIn at least starting your freshman year of college or upon graduation from high school.

I had a friend who majored in Business who didn’t even know what LinkedIn was! Crazy I know! So like anything you get into, go ahead and do your research but it in my opinion, it can only help.

An example how LinkedIn has helped me

I remember when I was applying for out of state internships from this past summer, I utilized LinkedIn to help me find past interns who interned with the companies I was applying for, i.e. Wendy Williams Show and MTV Networks. Luckily I was able to find a few profiles of past interns who interned in the same department I interned in at MTV/Viacom. Although everyone will have different experiences while interning especially within the same company or department, I wanted to get feedback from someone who has been there prior to me, someone who could give me a heads up or even tell me words of advice or things they would do differently, because of LinkedIn I was able to talk to former interns who gave me some advice.

Tips when using LinkedIn

 Remember this is a professional networking site.  When adding other professionals to your network, it is good to change the generic

message with your own message, just shows a personal touch.  I think adding past/current interns, co-workers, or intern supervisors will be

beneficial to staying connected with each other. You’ll be able to see updates on

where they’re working now and what they do.  I personally have my LinkedIn web address included in my signature on my

professional email. So if I’m emailing a potential intern supervisor or client, with a click of a button they’ll be able to see my work history/credentials without having to ask for a copy of a resume.

All in all, I love the purpose of LinkedIn. It has only helped me in my networking journey. If you are serious about your future, love to network and wanting to connect with professionals I suggest you create a profile today! Did I mention it is free!

Happy Networking!