Networking Within Your Internship

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Networking Within Your Internship

This is a blog post by Sara, our Campus Ambassador for the Fairleigh Dickinson university. Sara is  currently interning at The Rachael Ray show!

As an intern I’m learning more and more how important networking is. Networking within your internship can help you feel more comfortable while you are at your internship but it can also benefit you in post internship and graduation. It is important to make long-lasting relationships with people you intern with

There are also tons of ways you can network now with all the technology we have available. I joined a Young Professionals group in my state that has tons of networking events every month. It only cost a 20 dollar lifetime fee. Certain events depending on the venue cost extra but it’s definitely worth it for the exposure. Also, keep a look out for events on your schools campus and try to go to as many networking events as possible. At my school upperclassmen can usually attend some alumni events which I think is a great resource. You never know if there is someone looking for an intern or if a job position is available and you can also get there advice and hear there experiences.

Don’t forget to check your on-campus career center and even major department. They may have information on upcoming networking events or career fairs where you can make more connections that can last a lifetime. If they have resources and postings on a website or on Facebook or LinkedIn, be sure to check that out as well.

I know over the past summer the Intern Queen held a networking event in New York City and I’m sure there are more to come. Be sure to check out the Intern Queen website as well as sites similar to it for upcoming events. Lauren also explains herself in her new book, All Work No Play coming out January 3rd how crucial it is to network.

So don’t be afraid to use your available resources and happy networking!