Never Leave the House Without Lipgloss

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Never Leave the House Without Lipgloss

Meet Gabrielle, she is a student at PennState University, who landed an internship with Alison Brod Public Relations. Gabrielle is a true example of how the right internship could change your life for the better.

I knew when I signed up for my internship at Alison Brod Public Relations I would learn a lot professionally to succeed in my future career. What I didn’t know was how much this amazing company would truly change my life.

I pictured a semester fetching coffees and steaming clothes for some of the most respected young women in the Public Relations industry. I was terrified to walk in the all pink office; filled with gorgeous, successful women I would soon call my bosses. I had no idea I was about to embark on the most influential and inspiring four months of my life. The only coffee I ever ordered was to be shared with my ‘bosses’- girls I quickly found as amazing mentors that were there to share their own experiences and knowledge both in and out of the office.

I was working events with respect and authority, never dismissed as an intern. I was taught not only public relation skills, but life skills. It was only a month into my internship that I learned how to always remain poised and calm, regardless of the situation. My first learning experience wasn’t something as minimal as refraining from getting stressed in the office, but when I was being handed iPads with lists of what press and celebrities could enter one of the most prestigious lounges at New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  I got my own dose of ‘reality’ from a few unnamed housewives in one of the most stressful weeks of the year in New York City.

Before interning at ABPR, I always thought myself to be very detail-oriented. Looking back five months later, my simple color-coded closet in my dorm couldn’t hold a candle to the organizational skills I had gained. Never again will my e-mails simply be sorted as Inbox, Sent, and Trash. I will have at least five color-coded tabs to manage each area of my life.

One of the most amazing aspects of Alison Brod Public Relations is the immense amount of diverse clients Alison has under her belt. With beauty brands like L’Oreal and Urban Decay, fashion brands like Old Navy and Victoria Secret, and lifestyle brands that range everywhere from Mercedes-Benz to SKYY Vodka, it takes a day alone to learn all about the clients.

But at ABPR, you don’t have a day, an hour, or a minute. There are events, meetings, editor appointments, brainstorms, mailings, and celebrities stopping by all the time- you learn as you go and you take it all in. Star struck? Forget about it. These people are really human, they can hold conversation and really are as beautiful in person. They are doing their job, and their job is to be walking billboards. Our job is to make sure these beautiful people endorse our clients. It’s the most basic way to explain our complicated relationship that people unknowingly witness every day, on every newsstand, television and website across America.

Alison holds each young woman accountable for every project, event and account they are assigned. It’s each publicist’s job to not only brainstorm and pitch original and unique ideas, but to follow through with mailings, events and other various initiatives. In such an intimidating environment, each woman holds together a million responsibilities without breaking a sweat, looking more like models and socialites than the workaholics they truly are. I have truly gained the utmost respect for this group of women; the fact they can juggle outrageously stressful jobs, highly active social lives, and maintain bodies and wardrobes (that most women dream of) is nowhere near a piece of cake.

Having the opportunity to work with 55 role models not only taught me about public relations but how to live my life in general. I’ve matured more than I ever knew I could, and truly found a balance in my life from simply being around such successful, well-rounded individuals. I feel truly blessed that I came in to such a successful company that not only taught me so much intentionally, but by example alone.

Working at Alison Brod Public Relations has taught me more in four months than four years of college ever could. Under the guidance of unparalleled leadership, I learned far more than how to make deadlines, write press releases and document press clippings. I had the most amazing opportunity to work with 55 women that inspired me to push myself and branch out more than I ever had. I can say with great pride and certainty that I have worked my hardest for Alison and her team, and they have successfully taught me as much as possible this semester, including one lesson I’ll never forget: Never leave home without lip gloss.