New Fall Internships to Apply for Today!

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New Fall Internships to Apply for Today!

Hello everyone! For those wrapping up your summer internships, congratulations! I hope you've had a great experience with the company you interned for! Don't forget to get those letters of recommendation! Now that summer is wrapping up, that means we are in fall mode here at Intern Queen! We've been posting constantly on our website with new internship postings and I've put together a list of companies that are looking for fall interns! Though it's only July, now is the time to start applying! Best of luck! As always, check out the Intern Queen youtube channel for advice on resumes, cover letters, and so much more!


1. Marketing Internship at WestKoast Properties

2. Virtual Internship at One with the Water

3. Editorial Internship at CRWN Magazine

4. Marketing Internship at Parasol Marketing

5. Journalism Internship at CRWN Magazine

6. PR Internship at Fournier PR + Consulting

7. Editorial Internship at Gulfstream Media Group

8. Virtual Internship at COED Media Group 

9. Arts and Entertainment Internship at Choice Group Inc.

10. Writing Internship at

11. Marketing Internship at

12. Graphic Design Internship at

13. Fashion Internship at Valentine NYC

14. Music Internship at SILO Music

15. International Internship at The Intern Group Internship

16. Social Media Internship at Popmania, Inc.

17. Editorial Internship at Popmania, Inc.

18. PR Internship at Integrated PR

19. Social Media Internship at Zoe Report

20. PR Internship at Jane Own PR

21. E-Commerce Internship at The Zoe Report

22. Hospitality Internship at LFB Media Group

23. Marketing Internship at Visit Wales

24. PR Internship at Miles High Productions

25. PR Internship at Amp 3 PR

26. Design Internship at Style Girlfriend

27. Editorial Internship at Style Girlfriend

28. Multimedia Internship at Style Girlfriend

29. Fashion Internship at College Fashionista 

30. PR Internship at Intern Queen