New FASHION Internship! Interested? Learn More!!

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New FASHION Internship! Interested? Learn More!! blog image

New FASHION Internship! Interested? Learn More!!

As you know, we have new internships going up on the site each week -- many of them in the fashion realm. One of our employers, Cynthia Rose NY, has posted their opportunities with us for quite a while and we wanted to give you all the inside scoop. If you've ever wondered what it takes to get your foot in the door of a luxury fashion brand, here you go -- straight from Cynthia Rose's Client Relations and Show Coordinator, Julianne Campbell. Enjoy!

What is Cynthia Rose NY and what do you do there?

Cynthia Rose is a luxury ready to wear designer specializing in limited edition and one of a kind pieces. Cynthia’s aesthetic is “elegance with an edge” which really makes her stand out against other designers! I’ve been with Cynthia since 2011. My title for the company is Client Relations and Show Coordinator- I actually just switched to this position from Production/Design Assistant. My job is to reach out to media and potential stores and clients to tell them about Cynthia Rose and get them engaged in our brand. I also help to coordinate trunks show, run all social media platforms and assist Cynthia with whatever comes our way!

What is your favorite thing about working there?

My favorite thing about working at Cynthia Rose is that we are constantly growing and changing! We are a very small company with just 5 full time employees -- which makes us like a family. I love that together we help Cynthia and her brand become the successful company that we are today.

What makes your internship program unique? Any fun tidbits you can share?

What makes our internship program so unique is because we are so small our interns get to have hands on experience in all aspects of the fashion industry. They become a part of our family, helping us grow everyday and learning what goes on in the day-to-day of our company. We respect their options and allow them to give us input. Together with some help from past interns I created a fun little “to do list” which I think is important for every internship program to have. It’s a list of things to do each day inspired by hash tags used in social media. I love it so much because it helps our interns to remember tasks they can do without having to ask me “Is there something I can do?” It’s very difficult sometimes when working with interns because you want to keep them busy, but you also sometimes don’t have the time to stop what you’re doing and give them a task. The “to do” list eliminates some of the down time. Here is our list:

  • Monday:
    • Social Media Mondays - Look over social media platforms and plan out postings for the week.
    • Merchandise Mondays - Make sure the showroom is merchandised correctly as per the photograph.
  • Tuesday:
    • Tag it Tuesday - Go through the showroom and the closet - make sure all items have a tag. Make sure the tag has price and size.
    • Take Photos Tuesday - Make sure all the pieces in the showroom have been photographed and are uploaded into the W-Server.
    • Television Tuesday - Research Cynthia’s favorite TV shows and do a character analysis based on their style. Put together looks from the current location. Research their stylist/costume designer so Erica can research them.
  • Wednesday:
    • One of a Kind Wednesday - Make sure the “one of a kind” binders are updated and in the showroom.
    • W-Server Wednesday - Go through collection database for current season and make sure all pictures have descriptions and that all files are in the correct folder.
    • Wrinkle Wednesday - Steam anything in the showroom that should be.
    • Watch and Learn Wednesdays - Learn something new! Ask someone to let you watch them do something you’ve never done before.
  • Thursday:
    • Be Through Thursday - Go through your tasks from the week and tie up any loose ends. VERY IMPORTANT.
    • Throwaway Thursday - Clean up your desk and organize your papers. Get rid of things that are no longer needed.
  • Friday:
    • Filing Friday - File away all papers in the “to be filed” section of the filing cabinet in Cynthia’s office.
    • Fabric Friday - Make sure that the fabric drawers are all neat and organized and the rolls are all in the proper place.


Who is your ideal candidate? What experience, characteristics & personality traits do they possess?

The ideal intern candidate for any company should be someone who is as excited as you are to work for your company. I don’t want to hire someone just because they are looking for any internship. I want someone who is excited and willing to learn - I want them to want THIS internship not just any fashion internship. This person is charismatic, a teamplayer, good at problem solving and CONFIDENT! As far as experience - I don’t always look for fashion experience (although it’s a plus). I try to find someone with “people” experience. I like someone who has worked in a team setting before or that has had leadership experience because it shows me that they are not afraid to take charge.


Do we have your attention? Apply for Cynthia Rose NY's FALL fashion internship HERE!