The New !

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The New !

Hello Everyone,

I come to you with very exciting news. The day has come for my site to re-launch with new dynamic internship listings that allow users to search by industry, location, and semester. I've re-themed the site and really like the new look. The goal of the re-design was to create a clear internship destination for students looking for internships and companies looking to find great intern candidates.

The site still features my blog, I AM INTERN, and will soon feature my clothing boutique for Internal EthiKs. I've also linked in my Intern Queen YouTube Channel for even more internship advice.

I'm so proud of everyone who took the internship initiative over the past year. My run with quarterlife was a great one and although my site will no longer live on the quarterlife domain, I continue to have a great relationship with quarterlife and be forever in-debt to everyone who was part of that experience. All users who visit will soon be re-directed to

On a personal note, I want to thank Marshall Herskovitz, the man who made all of my dreams possible. Every young entrepreneur dreams of the day when a successful businessman approaches them and is fascinated by what they've created. I was lucky enough to experience that last year with Marshall Herskovitz. I hope that everyone follows his example and takes a chance on an unknown project. Without taking risks, I wouldn't be launching this site and I definitly wouldn't be able to run my business from day to day.

I also want to thank Kevin and Mike - my wonderful creative team behind the new site. They have worked night and day on this project for weeks and I've so appreciative.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at I love responding to all of your messages and hearing your feedback.

Keep on applying for internships and looking for interns :)

Best of luck,
Lauren Berger
Intern Queen Inc.