A New Kind of Interview

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A New Kind of Interview

This is a guest post from our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Lindsay Hopkins from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Skype is becoming one of the most popular ways to connect with your friends and family all over the world.  It has now led itself into the business sector with many companies using Skype for meetings, conferences and interviews.  This past week I had an interview for an internship over Skype.  The internship was virtual meaning that Skype would be a key component if I landed the job.  These are some of the main steps and components I took to ensure that my Skype interview went well:

1) Appearance is everything. Although this interview was not physically in person the interviewee can still see what you are wearing and how I present myself.  I dressed as though I was going to the office of the company.  Just because it is a video interview does not make it any less professional than a traditional one.

2) Be careful of your surroundings. Before my interview began I tested out my camera.  I wanted to make sure that the quality was clear and that my environment was appropriate.  This means that the place you choose to be interviewed in should be clean and clutter free.  If you have any inappropriate posters or photographs take them down before you go on video with your potential employer.  They don’t need to see anything to sway their opinion of who you are.

3) A Quiet environment is necessary. Make sure that wherever you chose to set up your video will have no interruptions.  Inform your roommates or parents before the interview begins that you will need a quiet area.  Lock your door or put up a sign that says “Don’t Enter Interview In Process,” or anything that will make everyone aware that you mean business.

4) Don’t fidget. Just because this interview is not in their office does not mean that you can be unfocussed.  Make sure that you have nothing around you to be distracted by.  Also, it is a good idea to keep a glass of water close by incase you need one.

5) Be on time! Although you don’t need to physically go to the company office it does not mean that you can be tardy.  If the call is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., be on Skype at 12:45 p.m. just to be safe.  The employer may see that you’re online early and this will show them that you are dedicated.

Skype is a great way to conduct interviews when geographical differences become a factor.  A Skype interview should be taken just as seriously as a traditional interview.  If you prepare for the interview and ensure these steps are checked off you are on your way to success.