New School Year, New You

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New School Year, New You

This blog was written by Sarah Fitterer, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Missouri.

A new school semester is here! Keeping up with your work out routine might seem difficult at first, but you can manage it! Just get in a pattern to balance working out, classes and of course your internship. Here are a few things that I have found helpful through this academic transition:

-Make a new routine: When I'm at school, I have a running route that my roommate and I make around town. Combine a new running route with some at-home abs and lunge sets. Create a new routine for yourself for the time you'll be at home.

-Follow designated Twitter accounts: This is something that you could do to help yourself regardless of the time of year. Start following accounts that provide tips and advice for working out and healthy habits to help you stick with your routines. Recently, I started following @GetFitGetLife and have been looking to them for helpful advice.

-Pinterest, yes, Pinterest: I know that it seem strange initially, but I know each of you has an account, so why not spend a little time on the Fitness page?! This page can give you some great motivation to stick with your healthy habits and to reach your goals! Who knows, you might even find some new workouts to add to your routine!

-Download iPhone or iPad apps: Since I think it is safe to say that we keep our phones with us all the time, why not download some fitness apps to help you stay on track? Now you'll have no excuse to not do some sort of workout. I found that the Nike Training Club app has amazing workouts. My favorite part is that it allows you to 'Get Focused,' which gives you the choice of a fifteen-minute workout that targets your abs, shoulders, legs, arms, and more. I also found that the Nike BOOM app is a great motivator. This app allows you to get motivation pep talks throughout your workout from professional athletes.

Now get going interns!