NEW Summer Internships!

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NEW Summer Internships!

Welcome to Summer internship season- my favorite! I like to think of March as that month where companies start looking through resumes for their summer internship programs. This week we’ve been posting a lot of new opportunities all over the country that I had to share with you. Scroll through the list below and send in that customized resume and cover letter!


Graphic Design Internship at The Aspen Art Museum (Colorado)

Marketing Internship at The Aspen Art Museum (Colorado)

Digital Marketing Internship at Perfect Search Media (Chicago)

Marketing Internship at Cooney Consulting (Chicago and Massachusetts)

Social Media Internship at The Goldman Network (NYC)

Entertainment Social Media Marketing Internship at Emily Raiber Media (Los Angeles)

Graphic Design Internship at Amp 3 PR (New York)

Marketing/Podcast Internship at 1000 No’s Podcast (Virtual/LA)

PR Internship at Rubenstein PR (New York)

Administrative Internship at Iroqois Springs (Rock Hill, New York)

PR and Social Media Internship at EB Consults (New York)

Game and Tournament Operations Internship with The Chicago Bandits (Chicago)