New Year, New You & New Goals

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New Year, New You & New Goals

This blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Rene Cosides from Temple University.

As the New Year is rapidly approaching, it’s time to look back and evaluate your year. After this self-reflection period, most of us set higher goals for ourselves to prepare for the future phases of our lives. In college, this is especially important. Each year, you should be striving to be better than you were the year before. You should always go after the better internship and the next campus leadership position, which will amp up your resume. This will ultimately make you a more attractive candidate for potential jobs in the future.

Below are some tips that will help get you off on the right foot in 2015:

1) Write down your goals and keep the list somewhere where you will see them everyday: Similar to a having a to-do list, this will remind you of your ultimate goals for the year. Whenever you feel frustrated or want to give up, you can look back at these goals and remember what you are working towards. Your goal list will help motivate you, especially during midterms and finals.

2) Never underestimate yourself: When writing down your goals, you may be fearful to add your dream internship to the list because you think you won’t be able to reach that goal. Never underestimate yourself and your ability to get things done. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything and everything. Always keep that in mind and keep going.

3) Don’t forget to make time for you: As important as school, internships, jobs and clubs are, you need to remember to take care of yourself. If you’ve been itching to get back in the gym and start working out, make sure to add that goal to your list. Your personal goals are just as important as your professional ones!

With these tips in mind, make sure you make 2015 the best year yet! It’s a chance to achieve more greatness and become the best version of you.