No Sexy or Strange Email Addresses!

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No Sexy or Strange Email Addresses!

Attention Students !!

I want you to go to your computers right now and change your email addresses to something professional that does NOT make your email sound like any of the following:

A. Look like spam
B. Look like you are a pornstar
C. Look young and immature.

Your email should be some version of your name and I suggest you get a Gmail account. Try OR Hotmail accounts are blocked from some individuals accounts because of the spam factor.

You can always keep your screen name that you&ve had forever from Instant Messenger. Mine is still Princessl84. However, you must work and send your resumes from an email account that looks dignified and professional. I don&t want to see anymore resumes being sent to me from "BeachBaller" or "IluvNelly" - remember, your email address is a reflection of your future. Make it look nice and represent you properly. That&s all :)

xo Lauren Berger "The Intern Queen"