This is Not Us

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This is Not Us

This blog was written by Kate Huang, our Campus Ambassador at the University of California, Davis where she is double majoring in Economics and Chinese. Kate hopes to spend college exploring different aspects of business, especially marketing and graphic designing. She aspires to work at a large corporation in the City and travel the globe!

I was not sure on how to discuss the current events at my second home – UC Davis; a university that brings together students not only from California but also students from around the globe; a university that takes pride in its amount of bicycles and farm animals on campus; a university that values true Aggie tradition. Now, UC Davis is in headlines of major newspapers and national spotlight for something we are not proud of.

We know what happened on our quad. We know the power of internet and the video&s impact on viewers. We are part of the nation that suffered through a collective movement. We are too appalled by recent events.

There are much more than what is shown. Just want to remind everyone that this is not us, the true us, there are more than what the media portrays.