Now what?!

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Now what?!

This blog was written by Hillary our campus ambassador from Suffolk University.

x Live in New York City

x Live by myself

x Intern for a designer or magazine

Now what….

I stumbled upon an issue of USA Weekend with the article “Taylor Swift: You asked, She answered.” The fearless singer has no regrets about not going to college, insisting “In order to keep perspective and to not be the girl who wants one thing her whole life then gets it and complains, I’m cool with the path I’ve chosen.”

It got me thinking about my time here in New York City. If you had told me last fall that I would spend my summer interning for one of the top wedding designers in the world, I wouldn’t believe it! I also wouldn’t believe that I would be spending various days working for one of my favorite designers, as she worked upstairs designing her latest collections!

Often times our biggest aspirations in life scare us to death. Moving to this city by myself was definitely difficult. Each day is new and exciting, but with nobody by my side to go through all these changes, I couldn’t help but second-guess myself. Why was I suddenly feeling like this was not the place for me to be?  Hadn’t I just begun?

I have always tried my best to live in the moment as much as possible, however we all have days when we feel overwhelmed by our lives; regardless of whether the changes are positive.

Whenever I am stressed about upcoming interviews or important days at my internships, I look to affirmations for a pick-me-up.

Some of my favorite affirmations come from Aussie model Miranda Kerr’s new book Treasure Yourself. Each page is reserved for an affirmation written by various spiritual; below each affirmation she place her interpretation.

She even gives readers detailed accounts of her early years of modeling; outlining some of the difficult times that lead her to use affirmations as well!

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is also a great book to refer to when your feeling discouraged. Positive affirmations can make you realize that the grass is in fact greener on your side, if you take time to notice!

Remember that your situation isn’t necessarily permanent. Try and see it as an opportunity to grow; understanding that in the future it will all pay off!

We tend to learn the most while we’re on our own, and as long as you stay positive, everything experience, good and bad, will be beneficial.