Office-Appropriate Fashion For Winter 2013

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Office-Appropriate Fashion For Winter 2013

Although dressing for the office can be tricky, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for professionalism. You can look wonderful this winter, even at your nine-to-five. Making your work outfits winter-friendly can be as simple as adding a scarf or wool coat, but there are also more dramatic ways to look polished in the workplace. Shopping online is a great way to find styles meant for winter at the click of a button; GoJane is a great online store for women with items appropriate for work.

Dresses are popular winter attire, even in the coldest months. Sweater dresses are office-appropriate and warm. If you prefer a feminine look, sweater dresses are great for accentuating the waist in a subtle way. Adding a belt and a pair of gray tights is a great way to accessorize this outfit. Pair the dress with some boots for a classy, modern look.

A great way to "declare" summer or fall outfits winter-appropriate is to add a scarf. Using a scarf is good way to keep warm, look professional (depending on the scarf) and add a stylish finish to your ensemble.

Scarves are a winter staple, and are a great way to keep things fresh and change your looks with one simple piece. Finding scarves to fit your style is really simple, and sites like Go Jane have extensive scarf selections, so you can find several work-appropriate looks.

Don't feel like wearing a dress? Not to worry! There are still tons of winter options. Long-sleeved blouses are great to pair with any sort of pants -- even jeans, depending on the office. There are a couple of great examples here and here.

Polish off any outfit with a stylish coat or jacket. No matter your size or body shape, a cropped jacket can give you both warmth and style. If you are short, go for a shorter look. If it is warm enough for a large coat, try out a timeless black or gray pea coat.

When it comes to choosing winter colors for the office, focus on pairing traditional colors with a few bright accents. Navy blue, gray and black make great base colors. Build on your outfit with winter colors like vibrant blue, subtle red and forest green. When it comes to jewelry, simple gold and silver make great accents for the office. Finish off your outfit with -- you guessed it -- a winter scarf. Crochet scarves are falling out of favor, but a knit scarf never goes out of style.

Ultimately, it is your goal to look polished and professional. You want to look classy and in-touch by balancing work and fashion. Fashion may not dictate how well you do your job, but it certainly sends a message about how much you value your time in the office. Instead of resorting to your typical slacks, raise the bar by coming to work in fashion.