Oh How You’ve Fed Me: Midtown East, NYC

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Oh How You’ve Fed Me: Midtown East, NYC

Sara Gaona is a senior at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is a Communication major with minors in Public Relations and Sociology. She just finished interning at The Rachael Ray Show last semester and is interning at The Hip Event in Montclair, NJ as well as virtually for AArrow Inc. She will be graduating this May!

This past semester I interned at a television show that taped in Midtown East! I fell in love with that part of NYC and the food there never failed to please. So here are some places I highly recommend, well my favorites for breakfast, lunch, and well dinner:


696 deli (696 3rd ave, NY, NY 10017) Not only does 696 have affordable breakfast which includes a bacon egg and cheese for about 3.50 to an omelet for $5 tops, but their food is great and fresh! I’ve never had a bad experience there and would go there daily for a hearty breakfast to start my day! FYI they also serve lunch, I believe, after 11 am!


Potbelly Sandwich Shop (150 E 44th st, NY, NY 10017) Potbelly is a chain, but it definitely carries some of the best sandwiches I’ve had in my life. They have everything from a meatball sub to the best roast beef sandwiches for just $6! You can also add extra meat for less than a dollar extra! They also have great cookies and chips you can get with your food!

Blarney Stone Pub (710 3rd Ave #1, NY, NY 10017) Want something filling for 5 bucks and under? Well my favorite at Blarney- was their rotisserie chicken with two sides. It is enough food for two days, and is super affordable. They have everything from burgers, to chicken fingers, and anything that you can imagine would be at a bar. Blarney has always given me great service on my lunch breaks!

Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine (369 Lexington Ave. NY, NY, 10017) Want amazing Cuban food in the city? Want some Ropa Vieja to keep warm on these cold days, go to Sophies! For $9 you can get lunch for two days there also. Its only the best Cuban cuisine; you get a choice of an entree and two sides. I highly recommend getting some empanadas if you can as well! I love this place!!! Order ahead if you can and it’ll be ready when you get there!

Pizza Rustica (817 2nd ave, NY, NY, 10017) Pizza Rustica has amazing pizza for one, and they also have an affordable lunch special! For $6-7 you can get an entree, a pasta, and veggie side. They fill the container so you have plenty of food! I love their pizza and dishes, and I want to try their dinner dishes eventually!