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This blog is written by Andrew, our campus ambassador from University of Hartford.

The semester is coming to an end and the snow has already fallen. You have transitioned from shorts and a tee to a wool scarf, pea coat and boots. The best part about finishing up a semester is having the time during break to prepare for your interviews and all your outfits for your upcoming wintership or internship. On that note here are some key accessories, for both men and women, to rock the winter like Wintour.

The Scarf: The scarf is everything in the winter. It takes an outfit from a simple look to a powerful, bold statement. It’s also perfect for those interns who happen not to have a whole wardrobe of business-wear. A scarf can change a simple, all-black outfit into a fashion statement like no other. What’s more iconic than a Burberry scarf?

The Messenger Bag: I remember the first day of my internship I brought a pen and a pad of paper… and that’s it. I ended up leaving with more things than I could carry, so I knew I had to get a bag to carry anything and everything. I ended up buying a black leather Kenneth Cole messenger bag. Fashionable and functional, how can you go wrong?

The Watch: What time is it? DO NOT pull your phone out to check. One intern no-no is to pull out your crystallized blackberry to check the time, especially if your boss is strict with cell-phone use in the office to begin with. A watch is your opportunity to bring some serious sparkle into your outfit.

The Umbrella: I never thought about an umbrella being a fashion necessity until I saw the hundreds of fashion don’ts walking on campus on a rainy day. I saw countless hello kitty and beer umbrellas on my campus. I thought to myself if I walked into an interview with one of them, I might not get the job! The best way to go: a classic black umbrella.

The Blazer: For every season, the one piece everyone should have in his or her closet is a blazer. Don’t have one? Go get one. I can’t stress enough that a blazer makes any outfit look chic and professional. During one of my interviews, which I wore my American Rag black blazer, not only did my future boss tell me that I was the best dressed person in the office but he offered me the internship that day.

Some may not think employers actually care what you look like, but you may have a more difficult time being hired if you come into your interview with an un-tucked shirt or skirt that could use a lot more fabric. Follow my tips and consider yourself one step closer to landing your dream internship!