One Campus Ambassador's Creative Writing Retreat to the Adirondacks

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One Campus Ambassador's Creative Writing Retreat to the Adirondacks blog image

One Campus Ambassador's Creative Writing Retreat to the Adirondacks

This blog was written by Korrie Olszewski, our Campus Ambassador from SUNY Cortland. She majors in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and will be graduating in May 2012.

Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend a trip to my University’s camp in the Adirondacks with my writing class. Our group consisted of three amazing professional writing professors, 17 Professional Writing majors, and me, a Communication major. Even though I was the only non-professional writing major, writing is something I’ve always been passionate about and interested in. But what could I do with it?

Being surrounded by beautiful scenery and creative people inspired me. It was refreshing to see student’s so passionate about their major, and teachers and writers so passionate about their jobs. It gave me a little direction on the journey I’d been on to find what job I wanted to have after Graduation.

We spent the whole weekend writing, sharing our work, and enjoying the seclusion (after we got over the fact we had no cell phone service!) After spending the weekend with this talented group, and discussing our professional goals, I learned a lot about the professional side of writing. There is such a broad range of jobs in this field. If you can write, you can do anything!

Here is a SMALL list of creative writing jobs that I complied:

Blogger, Travel blogger, Television & film writer, documentary writer, columnist for newspaper or magazine, novelist, Writing coach, creative Advertising (writing the scripts for the commercials), Speech writer, Ghost writer, web writer, Radio show writer, web content writer and creative director.

I advise everyone to take a creative writing class in college! Being able to organize your thoughts and get them out on paper is an important skill to have at a job, and in life. BLOG, WRITE, JOURNAL, just keep the pen moving, the keys clicking and the brain working. If you’re passionate about something, the job will follow.