Organize Your Shoes - Spring Cleaning!

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Organize Your Shoes - Spring Cleaning!  blog image

Organize Your Shoes - Spring Cleaning!


I know that we all had to turn the clocks ahead this weekend meaning that springtime is here! I needed something to motivate me to start doing some cleaning around my place so I used the "time change" as my reason to start Spring Cleaning 2012! This weekend it was all about the shoes. My shoe situation has been quite a disaster lately. They are never organized and always underneath tables and chairs. I finally purchased a shoe organizer at The Container Store that hangs in my closet. It has ten slots. I decided that I would do a little "competition" with my shoes - line them up - and pick my top ten. My flip flops, Toms, and ballerina flats get stored underneath a dresser so they got out alright - the others had to battle it out :)

I selected my top ten shoes - shoes I knew I would be excited to wear for different occasions. I put the shoes that I wasn't ready to give away but knew I wasn't going to wear anytime soon in a box on a top shelf in my closet (out of the way). I know this doesn't sound like much but the organization made me feel so much better.

Step one of Spring Cleaning was complete....your turn...