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Our Campus Ambassador's Personal Blogs!

This blog post was written by our intern, Rachel Bergan, with help from the included four Campus Ambassadors. Rachel is a senior at the University of South Carolina majoring in fashion merchandising. You can follow her on Twitter @rachel_bergan.

With the continuous rise of social media and increasing technology advancements, blogging is becoming more and more popular. Whether it is a personal blog or one associated with a company, people use blogs to express their interest in fashion, art, music, and anything else that inspires and motivates them. We wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our Campus Ambassador’s personal blogs.

Rachel Bergan – Our intern Rachel Bergan’s self-titled blog came to life when she spent a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy; it was a way for her to document her travel experiences and share her stories overseas with her friends and family back home. When she returned from Italy, she wanted to continue writing and growing her blog. It then transitioned into more of a lifestyle blog, featuring everything from her favorite products, to her life as a University of South Carolina student. It features fashion, food, and everything in between!

Pursuing Abundant Life – Joanna Starling is our Campus Ambassador from Texas A&M University. She describes her blog posts to be “as random as her thought processes” with the majority of her posts being reflections, funny stories, quotes, and inspiring pictures. She has recently been posting a series on Recreational Nightmares that she hopes to continue following up on.

Top Buttons – Molly Dodd is our Campus Ambassador from Southeastern University, and her blog, Top Buttons, is subtitled as a blog of “teen fashion with a modest twist.” The inspiration for her blog came because she wanted it to be a fashion resource for teen girls; she wanted a place where girls could find trendy, fashionable looks while still maintaining a valuable self image so that they could present themselves as young women. Molly posts daily on fashion, makeup, and beauty trends that have a modest yet trendy twist.

With Love From Lex – Alexa Stone is our Campus Ambassador from the University of Central Florida. Her blog is newly created; however, she plans to blog about her future experiences: college, internships, studying abroad, and everything else that she is passionate about.

Smile…You’re Golden and Love is Gold – Mallory Gold, our Campus Ambassador from Muhlenberg College, has created two blogs. Smile…You’re Golden is a blog that she kept while studying abroad in Florence, Italy; it would be a great guide for anybody traveling around Europe, as she documented almost everything that she did while there. Love is Gold is where she posts inspiration and any quotes or pictures that inspire her and that she can relate to. She describes it as a storyboard of her style and passions, and it keeps her motivated.

With platforms such as Tumblr, Blogger, and Wordpress, blogging has never been so universal and easy to begin. It is a great way for you to get your writing, art, and computer skills acknowledged online, and it also a way for you to work on building upon something of your own from scratch. We hope you enjoy reading these blogs from our Intern Queen family and are inspired to create a unique blog of your own! Happy reading!