Overwhelmed? Try the Campus Counseling Center

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Overwhelmed? Try the Campus Counseling Center blog image

Overwhelmed? Try the Campus Counseling Center

This blog was written by Rachel Cole, our Campus Ambassador from University of Central Florida.

Going off to college can be stressful for anyone. Sure it has its perks, like meeting new friends, partying until the sun comes up, and independence that your high school self had never even dreamed of, but for some students being away from home has its difficulties as well. College can be hard for anyone, with complicated tests and papers, undecided majors, distance from family, and exploring new things, there are a lot of sources of stress and confusion. Even the most optimistic of us college kids can get to feeling blue sometimes. So if so many students are experiencing these emotions, why is there still a stigma that counseling centers are “for crazies only”?

The leading reasons for visiting campus counselors are eating disorders, depression, alcohol abuse, anxiety and self-injury. Students are seeking guidance and help because they’re struggling and need help to cope. Counseling centers assist with students feeling hopeless and suicidal, which in today’s world is not an uncommon thing. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that suicide is the second leading cause of death in college students. With that being said though, these professionals are here to help a wide range of people. They are gifted in saving lives through their work, but can also just improve the quality of life for us all as well.

Feeling overwhelmed? Are you stressed and anxious? Did you and your significant other just call it quits and now you don’t know what to do? You’re not the only one; in fact Inside Higher Ed found that the average number of annual visits per student/client is 6.2. Talking to a friend or family member can be hard; sometimes you’re embarrassed or worried about being judged. A third party confident may be the answer, and your campus has hired trained professionals for just that reason. According to the American Psychological Association, fifty nine percent of students who use the counselor services claimed that the help they received at the center is the reason they are still enrolled in school. Looking at these statistics alone, its clear to see that counseling makes a difference. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to talk through something in your life, give your on-campus counseling center a try. I promise, no one is going to think you’re “crazy”, we’re all in this together.