Own Your Career with Organization

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Own Your Career with Organization

This blog was written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from the University of New Hampshire!

Organize your computer: Always saving your work is by far the most important step when completing projects. However, where you save them is also important. Understanding where things are located on your computer helps you utilize them quickly and efficiently. To better organize your documents, befriend your right click button! Right clicking in your document folder allows you to create new folders and be more resourceful with where you chose to save things. My advice would be to separate all of your projects into different folders so that they are easily accessible.

Do not over commit: In over committing you can spread yourself too thin and performance can suffer. For work you do commit to, keep it orderly so that you can stay on top of it. Utilize binders with separate sections for each project you are completing and invest in a planner that includes both weekly and monthly calendars so you can keep track of when projects are due. Lilly Pulitzer has great ones for 2011-2012 that come in a variety of colors and holds a lot of information. Lastly, concerning planning you can update outbox email calendar so that you can receive email reminders of when things are do or what obligations you have coming up.

Clear up your desk space: Small notebooks and post it notes are great ways to stay organized and in control of your work. Michael’s has great sale notebooks that are normally about $1 each and hold around 100 pages, which is a great deal! Post-It notes are another good way to keep you prepared, however they sell for as much as nine dollars at most drug and office supply store. Instead, buy your Post-Its from Michael’s (same as with small notebooks) or the ‘Dollar Store’ as they are normally a tenth of the price. If you enjoy writing things down and crossing them off to feel accomplished, there are also printable PDF to do lists available online.

Extend your organization: Organization is not limited to the office, extend it outside the office too and into your car. Unless you have extremely tinted windows, a messy car is another poor representation of good work ethic. You and anything associated with you in a professional setting should be neat and polished. If you chose to bring your work home with you as you drive away from the office, purchase a flash drive, they can be expensive but are a great investment.

Maximize your potential: Include personal time in your schedule. Get to work early so you have time for yourself to set up and be comfortable before the day begins. Manage your time efficiently so that you have time for yourself and do not skimp on lunch. If you are not properly nourished you will not be able to work up to your full potential.

If you remain anti organization after reading this article my only advice would be the bigger the purse the better. In using a large bag, you can store almost everything and anything concealing your messiness.