Packing List For Your NYC Internship!

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Packing List For Your NYC Internship!

I know many of you are headed to NYC this summer for that perfect summer internship. I'm so excited for you (and a little jealous)! My first internship in NYC was the summer after my freshman year of college and it was amazing . Believe it or not, I'm still in touch with some of the friends I made that summer.

A few of you tweeted to me asking for a packing list; while I do include a full list in my book, ALL WORK, NO PAY (check it out HERE), I wanted to put together a quick tip sheet for you. Here we go! Happy packing!

1. 16 Different Outfit Options. This is assuming your internship is 8 weeks long. Note: After putting together these 16 outfit options you should be able to mix and match so that you have two new outfits each week and three outfits that were mixed and matched and put together.

2. 2-3 Button down shirts. Be sure to include the staple white button down shirt that can be worn several different ways (by itself, under a sweater, under a cardigan, over a tank, etc.)

3. Black, long, textured cardigan. This will be a key piece for the office (where we have to assume it's cold!)

4. 3 Statement Necklaces. I encourage you to choose colorful necklaces to really pop with whatever you are wearing. Your clothes can be basic if your accessories stand out.

5. 2 Blazers. Everyone needs a great black blazer. My favorite black blazer is a long one I found in Nordstrom's BP department about FIVE years ago. I still wear it to meetings and on-camera for interviews.

6. Tailored Crop Pant. This season is all about the tailored pant look. These are comfortable and great for the office. Check out stores like JCrew, Banana Republic, or The Gap for some great options.

7. Black Skinny Pant. My favorite pant to wear to the workplace is a black skinny pant that a stylist picked out for me at my Blackberry shoot years ago. Get one pair and wear them weekly.

8. One Amazing Pencil Skirt. You only need one. You can wear it a few different ways.

9. Dark Denim with No Rips. Make sure you pack one pair of dark denim for "Casual Fridays". These jeans shouldn't have rips or tears of any kind. If you are allowed to wear denim to the workplace, you will pack more jeans :)

10. Basic Black Pointed Toe Pumps. My favorites right now are from ALDO. I would also suggest one pair of nude colored shoes. After this you should be covered in the heel department, as these items transition well from office to evening.

11. One Pair of Black Flats & One Pair of Colored Flats. Even if you are obsessed with high high heels, you are going to need a great pair of flats to wear on your stroll to work everyday. I suggest grabbing two pairs. You can find super inexpensive flats online or in stores, so I'd opt for two pairs. You might end up wearing these to the office everyday.

12. Umbrella. Make sure to bring an umbrella with you. And why not get a fun umbrella? Who knows how many days you might need to use it!

13. Phone/Wallet Case. I highly suggest getting a Donbook. I live by mine. Check them out here. They help you stay organized and ensure you have your ID and credit cards with you at all times.

14. Signature Sunglasses. They don't have to cost the big bucks. Just get one pair that you can rock and wear everyday. I'm still married my Ray Bans.

15. A New Notebook and Pens! This should be glued to your hand at all times at your internship.

16. A Great Big Bag for Work. Decide if you wear more black or more brown and go for that color. My favorite bag right now is by Kelsi Dagger.

17. A Great Summer Read! Right now for my #LBBC book club we are reading Sheryl Sandberg's "LEAN IN". Join my book club HERE and get your copy HERE.