Parlo Italiano

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Parlo Italiano

This post is written by Alicia, our Campus Ambassador from Towson University. Alicia is a Mass Communication major (with tracks in Public Relations and Advertising) and an Italian minor.

Before I started my freshman year of college, I decided that a foreign language class would be a fun GenEd to take to complete one of my required course categories. Luckily, my advisor enrolled me in Italian 101 for my first semester and I loved it. I decided to take Italian 102 the next semester and then go on to Italian 201 to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (rather than a Bachelor of Science) since I enjoyed the classes and loved my professor.

Now, 5 semesters later, I’ve added a minor in Italian to my degree and have plans to study abroad in Italy next fall.

Minoring in a foreign language in college is something I lucked into, but now view as my most life-changing experience. I am really passionate about the language and culture of Italy, and I think studying Italian has given me a broader view of the world. Studying abroad will give me an even better perspective on the world and I can’t wait to be immersed in another culture.

But how will this help me get an internship or a job?

In my experience, employers are always impressed and interested when I tell them I am minoring in Italian. I don’t think that Italian is necessarily the most useful language to study (Spanish or Mandarin would have probably been more useful) but it is something that I love, and the fact that I am pursuing something completely outside of my PR background shows that I’m passionate. Also, when I study abroad, I plan to have an international internship, which will challenge me in my field and in a non-native language. International experience is something that employers value, and international internship experience is even better.

I challenge everyone who reads this blog to take at least one foreign language class before they graduate or study abroad  - it will change your life and make you more attractive to employers!