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This is a guest post by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Grace Gavilanes from Hofstra University.

In my freshman year of college, I was convinced I was going to end up becoming a dentist. I was also a commuter student in my freshman year, and was not at all interested in becoming heavily involved in campus clubs, committees, or activities.

It wasn’t until my second semester in freshman year that I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I asked myself, “Grace, what major would you choose if financial stability weren’t a factor?”

After ignoring the oddity of having a conversation with myself, I immediately and shamelessly answered: “I want to write and I want to teach; I want to major in English.”

Once I figured out what I wanted to pursue—what made me happy (without solely basing it on financial security)—my life completely changed. I finally had an incentive to become actively involved on campus. I had such an intense desire to join anything and everything related to English, writing, and Magazine journalism—and I eventually did. Soon after, I even started getting internship offers!

After every ounce of success and stress that I confronted on my journey, I would take a step back, breathe in deeply, and repeat: “I’m doing this for me, for my future, for my own happiness.” It helped me refocus on the big picture—on what I ultimately wished and hoped to accomplish.

I’m here to tell all of you that the amount of passion you hold for your particular dream is directly linked to the success you will reach in the future. Sincerely wanting and coveting something will lead to steps taken towards your central goal, and will then lead to the tangible manifestation of those very same goals and aspirations.

Also, don’t feel ashamed or discouraged if it took you years to discover your true passion. Think of yourself as lucky for having had the time to test various fields of possible interests that eventually guided you in finding your own personal and secure niche. It’s all about eagerly diving into your passion and its offerings. The obsession, the yearning to learn and to discover beyond the limits, the indescribable fixation you suddenly sense over whatever it is you hear calling your name—that’s passion, that’s commitment, that’s true enthusiasm and dedication. That’s the secret ingredient for success.