The People Inspiring Us in 2015

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The People Inspiring Us in 2015

I really love to know who inspires the students in my network. For some extra inspiration we reached to out Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Network and we asked who inspires them for 2015. Here’s what they said, 

“Emma Watson has always inspired me and continues to inspire me this year! I think she is a fantastic role model for young girls and women as she has always been true to herself, even if it means facing adversity. She stands up for what she believes in no matter what others think.” – Hayley Good@Goodgirl1209

“On the east coast, many of my friends and peers look at the Sarah Vickers and KJP duo for inspiration. They have single handily used themselves as models to market their product and have capitalized on the quintessential New England lifestyle as a marketing strategy. I find their marketing practices innovative and appreciate their hand made USA based products. I constantly am following their social media and look forward to watching their brand grow.” – Megan Cahill @MeganCahill_

“Elizabeth Warren inspires me. Everyone should be watching her because she SHOULD take over the world someday. She is brilliant, strong, and a true public servant.” – Rachel Fleishman @RachelFleishman

“I am always inspired by entrepreneurial women (The Skimm, Spanx, etc.) - Women that get out there and just crush the gender equality pay gap by becoming their own bosses. People like you! Haha.” – Michelle Tarangelo @michtara

“Emma Watson. She's been an inspiration to me since I was in middle school despite being near in age. She has her head right on her shoulders and I love that she is delving into social issues and completed a degree despite being set for life. On top of that, I just love her fashion and have always been a fan of the HP films. She will always be my inspiration as well as J.K Rowling.” – Dylan Ebraheem @sartorial_spice

“Shamless Maya of YouTube, actress Keke Palmer, and recording artist Janelle Monae, are my inspiration for 2015. These successful women take chances, push the limit of their careers, but also maintain a sense of humility. Their ability to stand out and create ripples in their professions encourages me to do the same.” – Della Offré

“My mentor, Dr. Tracy Wallace, who is a person who stutters, inspires me. I have stuttered since the age of three, and have always felt self-conscious about my speech. Growing up, I lived a life in silence. I was teased and shut out. Dr. Tracy Wallace assisted with helping me attend the National Stuttering Association conference in Cleveland, Ohio. She, who used to hide her stuttering as well, has encouraged me to embrace my speech impediment as a gift. She has helped me not live a life in silence anymore. She helped me find MY VOICE.” – Kylie Simmons @Ky_Marcia

“The current Miss America, Kira Kazantsev inspires me. This woman is extremely intelligent (She graduated with a triple major and is headed to law school at Notre Dame after her year of service) and has broken stereotypical pageant molds. Many have mocked her for her talent performance at Miss America, but it showed her personality and made her memorable. I aspire to be the public speaker she is and to serve my community by spreading my own personal platform. She hosted a Twitter chat last week and I loved learning about how hard she worked to get to Miss America. She inspires me to set even higher goals and work my butt off to reach them.” – Courtney Pelot @courtney_pelot

“Indra Nooyi, the current CEO of Pepsi inspires me. She's one of the few successful CEOs in America who is a compassionate leader and cares immensely about her employees. She encourages young women to take on the tough assignments that no one else wants to do, and I've found that is exactly what makes successful women stand apart. I also admire Casey Ho, a YouTube fitness guru. She's the founder of POP Pilates and provides amazing workout videos on YouTube, along with healthy recipes and tips on being happy and confident!” – Akshita Verma @AkshitaV1

“Monique Coleman, inspires me! She is a media renaissance woman, as I would call it. She is an actress, advocate, entrepreneur, philanthropist and much more!! She is known for her role of Taylor McKessie on Disney's High School Musical. She continues to be a believer in people, especially young girls. She is woman in media who I look up to and who has inspired me to get involved in entertainment and media, specifically to be a media personality and host. I was very inspired when I saw her host at a show at the Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI) in Houston, TX. I recently talked with her on Instagram regarding one of her posts that really inspired me to keep dreaming and to never let fear overcome me! She has definitely made a difference in my life and is continuing to do so in the rest of the world.” – Kami Simmons @_Kami_Simmons

“Mindy Kaling is my biggest inspiration- she always says what's on her mind, calls everyone out on their fakeness, and defies every steretype that comes her way. She is a strong woman but still isn't afraid to act like a girl in a world and industry where that might come across as a weakness.” – Ruchika Devalapalli @ruchikadev

“Sounds corny but Taylor Swift! She goes after all of her dreams and doesn't let anyone get in her way. I want that motivation in my career!” – Rene Cosides @ReneClare

“The person I look to for inspiration is Hoda Kotb. Hoda is exactly the kind of woman I try to be - strong, brilliant, resilient, and above all else, happy. She is proof that women can make it in journalism despite it being a male-dominated industry. Being put in the spotlight while reporting the news can be fun, but it's also intimidating for women because so many people focus on your appearance rather than your BRAINS (shameless plug here, but go watch Miss Representation on Netflix if you haven't seen it!). Hoda doesn't let people get to her. She has worked so hard to get to where she is and she shows up to work every day, happily ready to report on current events and laugh beside Kathie Lee. I want to be in her shoes one day!” – Cheyenne Krieger @cheyennek28

“The person I look up to for inspiration right now is the Beauty Director of Latina Magazine, Amanda Flores. I was her intern during summer 2014, and she made me fall in love with her work ethic! She is brilliant at what she does and is so flawless about it. She has a very special place in my heart, because just when the fashion and beauty industry had let me down, and I was about to question my career aspirations, she showed me kindness and changed everything. She treated me like an equal and not once did she look down on me. I was then reminded that kindness really does go along way, and even though not everyone around you will act this way, you are your own person.” – Reyna Cazares @_Reyna_Cazares

“My inspiration is the founder of Best Friends at the Bar, Susan Smith Blakely. Best Friends at the Bar is an organization dedicated to helping women overcome the challenges associated with a legal career. This past fall I got to hear her speak on campus and have breakfast with her- here's a quote I that I wrote for a WFU law PR article about how she has inspired me: ‘Vibrant, poised, and filled with passion, Mrs. Susan Smith Blakely is exactly the kind of woman I aspire to become. For over 25 years, she has had an incredibly successful legal career as a litigator, chief of staff, and a partner. Yet she did so without abandoning her identities as a "wife, a "mother," and "girly-girl." Mrs. Blakely is devoted to helping women lawyers find a balance in their life between work, family, and self so that they too will "stay in" the legal profession and overcome the troubling statistic that about 50% of young talented women lawyers resign from practice within their first 5 years. Her presentation provided me with invaluable advice and strategies to help ensure that I will thrive both professionally and personally in my future as an attorney.’” – Melissa Olney @the_olney_one

“Lauren Conrad is really inspiring me for 2015! She is (obviously) a great inspiration for style and beauty (it seems like everyone is getting the "lob" because of her!) but outside of that she is a great businesswoman. I love how she has transformed her image over the years and is becoming the new Martha Stewart. She has really built an empire with her brand, and her website is one of my go-to websites on a daily basis. She exudes class and elegance and presents herself very professionally. She is definitely one of the people who inspires me to create my "personal brand" for my professional and personal life, which is one of my main goals I'm working on for 2015 as I graduate college and enter the real world!” – Mercey Livingston @Mercey_L

“Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue's Beauty and Health Director. It is so hard for African American women to obtain positions in a main stream media outlet's beauty department because many people don't think we know how to write or care for the "standard" hair type. Elaine shuts every stereotype down and is breaking ground in black culture and the media industry, altogether. She makes a conscious effort to cater to Teen Vogue's diverse audience, and she is an awesome example of how far black and biracial women have come, today.” – Laurise McMillian @LauriseLaurise