The Perks of Going to a Big School

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The Perks of Going to a Big School

This is a blog post from our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University, Victoria.

When I was a senior in high school, I applied to A LOT of colleges.  I applied to fourteen colleges, but ultimately I narrowed it done to just one – West Virginia University. I picked WVU because I wanted a big school atmosphere, and I certainly got that. West Virginia University has about 40,000 students – so it certainly is a very big school. But there are some major strong points to going to such a big school.

For starters, one of the best parts is football season. Thousands of people coming together for one team is a very cool experience. I love getting dressed up in our team colors and seeing everyone else doing the same. It makes you feel like your part of something big, and like your school is a big deal. It’s an awesome experience to cheer on your school along with thousands of other people. I think my favorite part though, would have to be the tailgating and all the yummy food that we grill!

Another good thing about going to a big school is that you are constantly meeting new people. You have your group of close friends, but you are always in classes with different people and always have an opportunity to make new friends. It’s always fun to walk into the first day of class and see who you are going to have the opportunity to meet that semester.

Finally, my favorite thing about going to a big school is all of the opportunities that are available to you.  There is constantly new clubs forming and new things to become a part of. You can create your own club, or get involved in clubs with your major – just about anything and everything that you can imagine. You can play club sports, or take a dance class. The opportunities are endless. I absolutely love going to a big school. Whether it’s football season or I’m trying out for a club team – it’s always something new and exciting!