Perspective from a Transfer Student

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Perspective from a Transfer Student

This is a blog written by our new IQCA, Hannah! Hannah is transferring to Loyola in Los Angeles this fall!

As a transfer student that is leaving what she thought was her dream school after two years, I know that the idea of transferring colleges can be terrifying and intimidating. After all, you already found your friends and your place at school now, why would you want to start all over again? And what if transferring means you can’t graduate on time? Before you get too nervous, let me tell you what I have learned from the process of transferring schools:

Perfect Match?

Let’s be honest, how can anyone expect a 16-17 year old make a perfect decision about where they are going to spend the most important years of their lives? If you get to college and realize it’s not for you, don’t feel bad! Now you know what you like and what you don’t like, and you can use that information to find a school that better suits your needs.

Keeping and Creating Relationships

When you break the news to your friends that you are transferring, understand that they may be upset. Don’t worry, it will pass. Whether you go near or far, the special and important friendships will stay strong. As for making friends at your new school, realize that you may need to put in some more effort (most people make the strongest bonds freshman year). Join student organizations and clubs, get a job on campus, and talk to people in your classes. If you make an effort to reach out to people, finding new friends will be easy!

Do It For You

I transferred across the country to a place where I knew no one, all because I wanted more opportunities in my career field. That was the right decision for me. No matter what the reason is for transferring, make sure it is for you. Not for your boyfriend/girlfriend that you miss oh-so-much, or because your parents want you closer to home, but for you.

Take my advice, and this seemingly scary idea may become the best decision you ever made!