PopCosmo Reveals Summer Trends and Must-Haves

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PopCosmo Reveals Summer Trends and Must-Haves  blog image

PopCosmo Reveals Summer Trends and Must-Haves

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There are so many trends for Summer 2012 that it’s hard to choose just a few, but our Top 3 Summer Trends to try, whether you are working or just hanging out, are Pastels, Florals and Hi-Lows. We suggest picking a few trendy pieces to incorporate into an existing wardrobe. They’ll add an instant update and show your fashionable style, while letting your own unique individuality shine through. For more trends in fashion and beauty, come on over and check us out at PopCosmo (http://www.popcosmo.com).

Spring Trends

(1) Pastels.  It is incredibly easy to try out this trend without spending a fortune. Mainstream stores are offering plenty of options to add a touch of pastel or help you create a full Easter-egg-hued ensemble. “To avoid looking dowdy, this season’s take on pastels feature bright saturated versions of pastel colors rather than washed out, faded hues,” Lisa, of In Dramatic Fashion (http://www.indramaticfashion.com) and Fashion Contributor to PopCosmo, revealed. “Coral and mint green have been front and center, but ice blue and cornflower yellow are also fun to play with.  Best of all, it is easy to try out pastels by pairing them with what’s already in your wardrobe. Mint green and pastel yellow pop especially well against classic denim jackets, or cuffed boyfriend jeans.” Lisa, from In Dramatic Fashion, loves peach with stone grey, and thinks that ice blue looks oh-so-classic against ivory or white pants.

(2) Florals are popping up everywhere, on coats, pants, skirts and even shoes. Lisa also shared how to wear the new floral trends in fashion. “You can easily embrace floral trends by going all out, but keeping it tasteful and current. In particular, I suggest avoiding small dainty floral prints, washed out pastel flowers, and anything reminiscent of wallpaper.” Instead, Lisa likes to use a floral palette as an abstract print, perfect for anchoring other colorful pieces, and for lazy days when you don’t want to fuss with many accessories.

Floral sundresses seem fresh and modern in jewel tone colors or with neon accents, but flower print sneakers and platform sandals are a fun and inexpensive way to dabble in the trend. And the absolute easiest way to wear the trend and make sure it’s not wearing you? A floral handbag… and we love floral clutches since clutches are another hot trend.

(3) Hi-Low. Summer is bringing a shape-shifting trend: the hi-low or mullet shape. We are seeing this in pieces such as skirts, shirts and dresses, but thank god not hair! You can add the mullet shirt over a pencil skirt or skinny pants, or wear a high-low skirt or dress with wedge sandals. To make the trend appropriate at work, keep your accessories and shoes classic, and keep the colors of your mullet shape selection simple.

Pastels, florals and the high-low cut are popular for summer, but there are so many other fun trends this summer as well. Add a few of your favorites to stay on trend for summer 2012.

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