Positive (and Important) Work Habits to Form!

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Positive (and Important) Work Habits to Form!

This blog was written by Alison, our campus ambassador from Sarah Lawrence College!

This is a quick blog about positive habits to form at your current and future internships. By turning these tendencies into your internship routine, you will improve your work ethic and your overall professional image at work.

  • Always walk into the building ten minutes before your workday starts. This allows you to settle into your desk, grab some coffee and set your day up for success. By the time your colleagues are arriving, you will already be prepared to kick into gear.
  • After checking your e-mail, always make a “To Do List” that plans out everything on your agenda for the day. You can also prioritize your list with time deadlines to ensure that no assignments are missed.
  • Never be idle! If you do not have enough work to do, do not simply log onto your personal e-mail or social media accounts. Advocate for yourself by making it known that you are at your internship to work and that you always want to be productive.
  • Be positive and gracious towards everyone in the workspace. Do not simply be kind to your supervisor; your colleagues and fellow interns deserve your kindness too!
  • When you discover that you are particularly good at certain projects and assignments, make sure to demonstrate this so that more work of that type is assigned to you. With that said, while we all love doing the work that we are best at, put 100% effort towards every project you work on, regardless of the assignment.
  • Be open to accepting work projects, even if they do not come directly from your superior.
  • Never forget that your performance at your internship directly reflects on who you are as young professional and how you will be viewed as a possible future employee.
  • At the end of each day, make a log of everything that you worked on and completed. This log will help you after your internship to revise your resume and remember the key skills that you acquired.

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to both feel and be viewed more positively at your internship. Good luck!