Post-Spring Break Survival Guide

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Post-Spring Break Survival Guide

This blog is written by Melinda Price, a CA from Miami University of Ohio.
After relaxing in what was hopefully your perfect vacation, it may be hard to focus back on the task at hand for the rest of the school year. However, this point in the school year is definitely not the best time to call it quits between potential midterms, a new quarter, or upcoming graduation. Here are some of the best ways to cope with the warm weather if it is calling your name and keep up your productivity:

Keep up with school work. At this point in the year, the feelings
against school work are pretty much unanimous across campus—bored. However, there is still so much to learn that you can apply to the summer internship you’re trying to land or other real-world applications. You’ll also feel more accomplished knowing that you can overcome the laziness.

Don’t make excuses. This one is simple and can be applied to any kind of preparation. Making excuses for why the task isn’t getting done won’t fix anything. Take responsibility for your own actions or go even further to overcome them.

Do your work outside. Not only does the sun give you vitamin D, but the warm weather can make a great atmosphere to study or prepare for classes. My advice is to pick a space that gives you the ability to people watch, but is also quiet enough to be productive.

Take a (short) break. If all else fails and you have a craving to be outside or with your friends, then go ahead and take it. Just make sure the break will help you to refocus your efforts on what you need to be getting done and not procrastinating. If you’re taking a break just to procrastinate then it won’t be helping anything and you will be right where you started.

With these spring-y tips, future professionals will be ready to take on anything after their spring break trip and have a management plan for when the sun is calling.