The Power of Networking and Accountability

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The Power of Networking and Accountability

As a young entrepreneur & business owner, one of the most important ideas is that of time management. How will I spend my time? How will I divide up my day? I'm always curious to hear how successful people run their days and spend their time. I want to share a personal story about how I've been able to get more things done, be more proactive & productive, and hold myself accountable to complete tasks on a weekly basis. Ironically, this all stemmed from networking.

You never know when you might meet someone that will have a heavy impact on your life (one of the many reasons I believe internships are so powerful). In 2007, at a Women in Business awards ceremony, I met Morgan First, co-founder of The Second Glass ( In 2008, I met Elizabeth Saunders, co-founder of Real Life E ( at an Extreme Entrepreneur Tour Event.

Upon meeting Elizabeth I learned that she also knew Morgan. The three of us decided that we all had one thing in common - we all wanted to be successful entrepreneurs. We decided in November of 2008 that we would do a weekly conference call in attempts to hold one another accountable for completing tasks and achieving goals. Our businesses are in completely different industries but our constant need to focus on revenue, stay on task, and balance our personal and professional lives is the same.

Last month, I saw Elizabeth in person for the second time. It had been almost two years since our first meeting. Today, we dialed-in and spoke. We've all been speaking every week for almost two years. We've been able to hold ourselves accountable and help one another.

If you are a student, entrepreneur, or employee - I encourage you to seek out people with the same long-term goals. Start a conversation - you never know how far it will go.