Preparing to Study Abroad

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Preparing to Study Abroad

This blog is written by our Intern Queen Campus  Ambassador, Sarah, who attends MIZZOU! We love you Sarah, fly safe!

In less than 24 hours, I will be embarking on the experience of my lifetime. While preparing to go abroad, here are a few things that i have found helpful:

1. Read Up- reading about your destination will help you learn about the culture and customs of the country.   Reading and research has taught my classmates and I about the local culture, how we should dress, and has helped us stay up to date on current events.

2. Communication Plan- Once you have decided if you will be using your current phone or purchasing a phone at your destination, connect with your service carrier for your options.  How much will a phone call cost? How much will a text message cost?  Or will you be using Facebook and Skype to keep in touch back home?

3. Memory Card- I love to document through photos, so I made sure to purchase a new memory card to capture every moment abroad.

4. Organize- You will be traveling with important documents, such as your passport and itineraries , create a system that will help you keep track of these.  Designate a spot that you will always keep your passport.  Photocopy your passport and bank cards and keep the copies in a designated spot as well.

5. Journal- A journal or an online blog is a great way to keep your family and friends updated on your adventures.

6. Know the Luggage Limits- Different airlines have different weight limits. Know what your airline allows! I am connecting flights between two different airlines, and each allows a different weight limit.  Research your airline and know what they permit their passengers.

Happy travels, interns!