Preparing for Your Senior Year

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Preparing for Your Senior Year

This blog is written by Lauren, our IQ Campus Ambassador from Montclair State University. If you go to Montclair State and want to blog for us please comment on this and Lauren will get in touch.

Preparing for your senior year of college can be very overwhelming. It’s your last year with all of your friends and this time next year, you’ll be out in the world by yourself. However, there are a few ways that you can prepare yourself this summer so that when the school year starts, it will hopefully be less stressful and you can enjoy your last year of college more.

1. Fix up your resume. Most of you probably have had to send out a bunch of resumes for summer internships and jobs already but summer is the best time to sit down and improve your resume. Your resume is going to be such a huge part of selling yourself when you graduate which is why it’s so important that you make it the best it can be.

2. Reconnect with past mentors or employers. When applying for your first real job, having professional references is important. There are probably some people that you already know who you can use for these references. Now is the time to reconnect with them if you have been out of contact just to keep a good relationship with the person. While I am home from college this summer, I am making sure to meet with former employers to touch base and keep them informed of what I am now currently doing. Also, keeping tabs with your advisor is a good way to know that you’re staying on track.

3. Check out potential jobs. It’s good to know what types of jobs are hiring at the current time and what they consist of. Although you don’t need to apply to them just yet, having an idea of what is available and where to apply next year is always a good idea. I’m majoring in fashion so I have been checking out many different apparel company sites and checking out their career section to get an idea of what I may want to do. It has helped me a lot in picking what classes I want to take and makes me feel more confident that I will be prepared well enough for what is to come after graduation.

4. Enjoy your summer! This is probably your last summer before the real world so make the time to spend time with your family and friends. They are the most important people who will always be there for you so don’t forget about them. I can’t stress enough how important family can be when you need them. I always try to put aside at least one night a week to spend with my family because I don’t see them much during the school year. Summer is supposed to be about having fun and you have to remember to just let yourself breathe for a little before the school year starts.