Procrastinating Wisely

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Procrastinating Wisely

This blog is written by Erin, our campus ambassador for the College of William and Mary.

It’s Midterm season! Between classes, exams, and applications for various programs and internships, whatever little bit of extra time there was at the beginning of the semester is long gone. However stressed out students get, however, they ALWAYS find time to procrastinate, surfing Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, TFLN, and more. What if you could simultaneously procrastinate and be somewhat forward thinking with your career goals? Well…YOU CAN!

  • Get a LinkedIn account. This is a professional networking site where you can connect with professionals you know, companies you’re interested in and so much more. It features a profile, focused solely on your academic and professional achievements and goals, on which you can upload your resumé and make a personal statement available for other to see. It is basically Facebook for professionals.
  • Realize the power of Twitter. People have tweeted themselves to internships and jobs. Following high-powered professionals keeps you in the know about what they’re doing to continue being successful. In addition, Twitter is a great portal to meet these professionals casually- who knows, they might even follow YOU!
  • Browse through the Intern Queen Website! I shouldn’t have to tell you what a wonderful resource Intern Queen is! From a rich database of internships to advice from all of us Campus Ambassadors and most importantly the Intern Queen herself, surfing this site is one of the best ways to use your off time.

So when you’re sitting in the library and you abandon your books for your laptop, just think to yourself: do I really need to be photo-stalking right now?

Do any of you Intern Queen readers have any other suggestions for productive procrastination?