Productivity is Key

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Productivity is Key

This is a blog post from Grace, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Hofstra University. If you attend Hofstra and wish to blog for us, comment below!

As an online editorial intern at a well-known magazine, I knew I would learn the ins and outs of web production, along with a few random tidbits like researching for future articles or how to work the copy machine. The life of an intern is not an easy one. But what does one do when tasks have been completed and there’s nothing left to do? No errands to go on, no blog posts to schedule—nothing. Read on for the most productive things you can do at your internship on a super slow day!

Predict the Future

I’m not talking about clairvoyance. Well, maybe. Let’s say, for example, your editor mentions how tedious it is to schedule all of the updates for the company’s Facebook or Twitter accounts. Let’s also say you take care of this editor’s pet peeve right after she mentions it to you. That’s great! But now you’re free, so why not schedule more updates in advance? Think back to other tasks you were assigned and see if you could possibly work on them further, like conducting research for background information on an interview you recently transcribed? Remember to check in with your supervisor if it’s okay to go ahead and do so, though!

Find New Ideas

It’s usually encouraged for interns to pitch their own ideas—so, why not do so now? Your idea may even get chosen for the company to use. At my internship, we are required to attend pitch meetings every week, which gives us enough time to come up with ideas and potential article topics. Although many staff members are accustomed to searching for story ideas on the day of the brainstorming session, be different and start ahead. You’ll not only show initiative, but also prove to your supervisors that you are capable of multi-tasking and conducting research on the side. It shows that you really care about the company itself.

Go on a Journey

If you’re craving a more fulfilling learning experience and are curious about discovering other departments within the company, then go ahead and do so! Interning at a magazine allows you to be surrounded by different minds, different departments and different people. If you’re interested in the photo or beauty department, then kindly ask your editor if he/she could introduce you to the intern supervisor for the department you’re interested in. You may even be able to help out and gain experience in a different field—definitely a plus!

What do you do when you’re free at your internship?