Pros and Cons of Getting Involved

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Pros and Cons of Getting Involved

This blog was written by Shanette Buford-Brazzell, our Campus Ambassador from Cleveland State.

When I started college after I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted the full-college experience. My first semester and freshman year of college I got involved in student organizations and programs on campus. I am a senior undergraduate student attending Cleveland State University in Cleveland, OH, where I am finishing up my B.A. degree in Journalism and Promotional Communication, with a specialization in Journalism and Public Relations. CSU is known as a commuter school, where students go to class then go home or to work afterwards. In the last three years I have seen the university transform into a residential campus. CSU has over 200 student organizations in different areas such as academics, professional, religion, Greek Life, special interest, and service projects.

I first got involved on campus with The Vindicator Multicultural Magazine during the fall 2006 semester, which was my first semester in college. The Vindicator Multicultural Magazine is the monthly student magazine, and one of the student media publications on campus. I joined the magazine as a contributing writer. When the first issue was published in October 2006, I was excited to see my first college published article, and byline in the magazine.

I am now involved in several different student organizations on campus, and hold a student leadership position in all of them. During the current academic year 2012-2013 I am involved in and hold the following positions with student organizations at CSU:
Black Student Union, Secretary
Student Alumni Association, Events Chair
The Cauldron Newspaper, Staff Writer
The Vindicator Multicultural Magazine, Column/Features Editor

Being involved in the different student organizations, and having the opportunity to hold the student leadership positions have taught me great skills. As a CSU commuter student I have gained the full college experience I wanted. The organizations and positions also allowed me the opportunity to attend national conferences, network with other college students, professionals, and open my eyes to new experiences.

There are pros and cons when it comes to getting involved on campus, and holding a leadership position in student organizations. The pros are: great resume builder, opportunities to implement ideas related to your organization mission, gain leadership skills, experience, and networking connections. The con that comes along with it is: you become extremely busy, have less social time, and time management becomes hard.

The student leadership position and organization that changed my outlook is the Student Alumni Association. Prior to joining the organization as a general member in 2010, I didn’t know that much about advancement, or what the Alumni Association does. Since taking a leadership position during the 2011-2012 school year, I learned more and contribute more time to the organization. I advice any college student to find the student organization that interests you, join, and get involved.

To see what my student organizations are up to visit our website, like our Facebook page, and I wrote about my experience at the CASE ASAP 2012 Network Convention in Indianapolis, IN that we attended over the summer, on my personal blog