P.S. You Can Make It Too

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P.S. You Can Make It Too

Sara Newton is one of the UCF Campus Ambassadors. Graduating in May with a degree in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication and Magazine Journalism she is excited to venture out into the big girl world of fashion and magazines. With dreams as big as New York City, the move to the big apple is in her near future. This Orlando Kardashian couldn&t be more proud to be a part of Intern Queen Inc.

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As striving college students, we have a small budget to work with. Since statement pieces are something us fashionistas can’t live without, we are constantly thinking of ways to afford them all! Don’t worry interns; I have the perfect solution for you.

Her name is Erica Domesek, the founder, creator and author of P.S.- I made this. She is the mastermind behind all the affordable DIY fashion designs. From shoes to handbags to necklaces, Erica has brought a whole new meaning to the word crafting.

Here are some of my personal favorites with instructions from Ms. P.S.- I made this herself:

The Perfect Headband: “To create, cut a piece of leather approximately 1/2” wide and 2.5-3 ft long. Add a bright cord (or ribbon) and ball chain. Knot all three materials together onto a hair elastic and braid. Once you have a braid long enough to wrap around your head, knot off on the other end of the hair elastic. Be sure to pull tight to make sure it’s secure. Snip the ends and you’re ready to brave a bold braided accessory!”

The Statement Trench Coat: “Reach for lots of chopsticks (use anywhere from 50-100 pairs or more if you crave more spike-age). Using a handsaw (carefully) and cut down chopsticks tops. If you don’t feel comfortable with a saw, try heavy duty clippers. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the spikes, gold. Wait till dry, flip over- and spray to cover. Use chalk to outline where the spikes will go. Use droplets of hot glue on the bottoms of the spikes, place down- and hold for a few seconds till they set. Remove any straggly glue hair strands, let dry- and rock it!”

The Personalized Bangle: “Apply two smooth coats of spray paint to wooden bangles. Be sure to wait until paint is completely dry before picking up. Use Sharpie Paint pens to scribble your love notes and quotes all around the bracelet. For an extra detail, inscribe the inside as well. Get creative with your color combinations and messages. Create a bevy of bangles for yourself and friends. What better way to say “I will always love you”, than with a wristed development that’s to DIY for!”

For how-to’s of my many favorites and more be sure to log onto psimadethis.com or grab a copy of this budget-friendly fashion Bible P.S.- I made this by Erica Domesek, in stores now.

Happy Crafting!