Put Those Holiday Skills to Good Use

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Put Those Holiday Skills to Good Use

This blog is written by  Caitlyn Ewals, our campus ambassador at University of Louisville. She is a junior English major and just finished a costume management internship with the Walt Disney World company.

Sometimes the search for internships is just about as hard as the application process itself! With all the different companies and all the different types of internships it could make you feel like you are out in the crowd on black Friday searching for something that you don’t think you will ever find. Luckily, you can make this a little bit easier on yourself! Take some advice from your black Friday knowledge and put it towards your hunt for an internship. The similarities might just surprise you.

1)Know what you’re looking for: Black Friday shoppers don’t go out to giant stores just to look around! They plan ahead, sometimes weeks in advance, so they know exactly what it is they are looking for and where they can get it fastest. So if you are looking for an entertainment internship don’t shuffle through all the business internships to find it! Go straight to what you are looking for. Narrowing down your search is the easiest way to find internships that interest you.

2)Don’t look for things you don’t need: The reason people go out on black Friday is to get things that they need. Don’t waste your time looking through internships that don’t meet your criteria. If you want to stay in town don’t look at an internship 400 miles away. If you need a paid internship take away all the ones that aren’t paid. Or if you are wanting to receive academic credit only look for internships requiring that. This will keep you stay on track for what you need.

3)Fight for it: Those black Friday shoppers may get a little crazy but they always fight for what they want! Never write yourself off because you think you won’t get an internship. If you apply the worst that could happen is they say no. However, if they say yes than you have your dream internship! You never know until you try.