Quarterlife Internship Program Launches !

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Quarterlife Internship Program Launches !

The launch of our intern pages was today and it went very well. The internships and opportunities pages seem to be well-recieved by our users. I hope that everyone tells all of their friends about the wonderful opportunities we have. My goal is to place all of you in amazing internships and to give these great companies wonderful interns! If we work together in our creative community, I'm sure we can make this happen. The more response we get, the more companies we can add - this will help make us a solid resource for "Everything Intern".

Today I'm adding some great companies like GK Films, Sony Digital, and more ! Check our listings to see what is new with the Quarterlife Internship Program. I'll work late tonight to find even more great opportunities for students!

AUGUST 1st 2008

Welcome to the Quarterlife Internship Program Powered by The Intern Queen - that's me! I'm so excited to tell you all about the different features and opportunities we are putting together for you. First off, when you go to our page you will see a section filled with Internship Listings. Click on the listings that interest you, read the information on the company, and then email me with your resume attached. If you need a cover letter or additional materials I will email you back and instruct you what to send me. I'll let you know when I receive your materials and we will stay in contact about the internship. I will let you know as soon as any acceptance or rejection letters come in. If you have ANY questions about your internship - please email me at internqueen@quarterlife.com and I'll answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

We are launching the site on Monday with over 60 internship listings. Because we are brand new, most of the listings are entertainment related (that's our field) and many are in Los Angeles and New York areas. We are NOT limited to these areas or to this field. We are working hard every day to expand our range and bring you more companies in more cities across America. Keep checking back with our site and if there is a specific area you'd like us to work more on - email me all of your suggestions.

Interested in publishing ? Check out our fall internships with several different magazines. We currently have listings from Good HouseKeeping, Unique Homes, GQ, Rolling Stone, I Do For Brides, and more.

Want to make movies ? We are extremely happy with the entertainment listings that we have ready for you. Find companies like Universal, Sony Pictures Television, The Weinstein Company, The Donnors' Company, Lionsgate, and more !

Also, for our launch I interviewed internship coordinators from a few different companies and even an intern or two ! Check that out in the INTERVIEWS section. I've also been recording some great Internship Advice in a VLOG format that is available HERE.

Keep your thoughts, comments, suggestions coming my way - I'm very excited to hear them all. And most importantly - if you know ANYONE looking for an Internship or looking for interns - send them to the Intern Queen.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday for our launch !