Questions To Ask During Informational Interviews

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Questions To Ask During Informational Interviews

I've had at least two students this week tell me about great opportunities (at their internships) to meet with top executives and participate in group or individual informational interviews. Whenever you have these opportunities, you MUST take them! Seize the day, if you will :) Informational interviews might be intimidating, but if you are prepared you will feel and appear much more confident. Here are some great questions to ask during your informational interview:

1. How did you get started? Where was your first job?

2. How did you get from your first job to where you are today?

3. If I want to work in this industry (which I do), what should I be reading on a daily or weekly basis to stay on top of the industry? Are there any books, websites, magazines, or trade publications that you recommend?

4. What is the best advice you have for me once I graduate and look to find a job in this industry?

5. What is the best piece of advice anyone's ever told you?

6. What is the best thing you've seen an intern do?