Quick HIIT Workouts for the Busy Intern

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Quick HIIT Workouts for the Busy Intern

This blog post is from Maggie, our Campus Ambassador from The University of Kansas.

Your alarm clock blares in your ear as you wake up for another day at the internship. You rush around, throwing on your slacks and making yourself look presentable for another day of work. As you power walk to work, you devour a granola bar and finally open the doors to the company, 15 minutes early. You work tirelessly all day long and turn in around 7 in the evening. Exercise? No, there just isn't enough time for an intern to squeeze a workout in, or so you think.

Allow me to introduce you to the HIIT workout or, high intensity interval workout. This exercise routine is short and to the point; it's perfect for an intern on the run. It involves periods of high intensity and low intensity, repeating until the 20 minutes is up. You can incorporate strength moves, running, rowing, biking, dancing, or anything else that gets your heart rate up. This point is to get sweating and to make it as painless as possible so that you will actually do it before or after interning. You will feel better and accomplish more at your internship after completing some endorphin-producing exercises.

The Cardio Intern Queen

*Get on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, rowing machine, or hit the trails outside for a run

Minutes 0-5: Speed 6.0 (Warm up)

Minute 5-6: Speed 8.0

Minute: 6-8: Speed 7.0

Minute: 8-9: Speed 9.0

Minute 9-10: Speed 7.0

Minute 10-11: Speed 8.0

Minute 11-12: Speed 7.0

Minute 12-13 Speed 9.0

Minute 13-14 Speed 7.0

Minute 14-15 Speed 8.0

Minutes 15-20 Speed 6.0 (Cool down)

The Strength Intern Queen

Minutes 0-5: Light jog, row, bike, or another version of cardio

Minute 5-6: Push-ups

Minute: 6-8: Plank

Minute: 8-9: Jump squats

Minute 9-10: Tricep dips

Minute 10-11: Burpees

Minute 11-12: Plank

Minute 12-13 Alternating lunges

Minute 13-14 Wall sit

Minute 14-15 Push-ups

Minutes 15-20 Light jog, row, bike, or another version of cardio

Crank out the workout for 20 minutes and enjoy a better work ethic and perspective at your internship. It's worth it.