Quick Phone Interview Tips

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Quick Phone Interview Tips


Many of you are emailing asking for phone interview tips so here goes....in my book, ALL WORK NO PAY, I talk about the four different types of interviews - it's crucial that you know all about these. You can order my book HERE: http://www.amazon.com/All-Work-Pay-Internship-Connections/dp/1607741687/...

Today, let's focus on phone interview tips. Here are my top 4 phone interview tips:

1. Like a regular (in-person) interview, go to your career center ahead of time and ask for a list of practice interview questions. Be as prepared as you can possibly be for the phone interview!

2. Don't do the interview while you are driving. If you are at home make sure that you control your surroundings. Tell your roommates to keep quiet and not interrupt you - no dogs barking, toilets flushing, or people yelling. This sounds simple but you have no idea how much this happens.

3. Keep the internship coordinator's attention. You are competing with everything that's on their desk - Facebook, GChat, Paperwork, and more. Keep your answers short, to-the-point, and try to relate things back to the company. Example "My experience at ________ doing ___________will help me with a position like this that requires _________ and _________."

4. Be careful with the "Tell me about yourself" question - don't babble on and on when asked this during a phone interview. Remember, you must keep the employers attention. Tell them where you go to school, your major, expected graduation year, and why you want to work at THEIR company.