Read all about Silvia's Day!

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Read all about Silvia's Day!

This blog is written by Silvia, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Ithaca College. If you go to Ithaca and want to blog for us, comment here!

Okay, fine so it’s not that story but it’s the story of a day in the life of Ithaca College’s Intern Queen Campus ambassador (Me)! This is a typical day that varies during the week based on the activity I’m involved with.


7:30: Wake Up!

8:00: Class

9:30: Internship at the Downtown Ithaca Alliance where I’m currently working on the first and hopefully annual Restaurant Week, here in Ithaca. As well as, writing a grant proposal for next year’s outdoor art exhibit.

12:00: Work. I work on campus at the residential life office. My job isn’t so demanding and it allows me to do my school work while making money (which we all need!).

4:00: Get out of work, catch up on some reading, and try and eat something.

5:25: Class

6:45: PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) E-board meeting. As treasurer I am discussing my proposal for the Student Gov. Association (SGA) on getting “The Intern Queen” on campus.

7:15: PRSSA meeting begins. Great news, SGA has completely allocated all funds and the Intern Queen is officially speaking at my school. (Happy Dance!)

8:00: Review Session for a test tomorrow.

9:00: Finally home! Eat dinner, watch a little TV, and shower.

The rest of the night is devoted to doing homework, reading, or simply catching up with my fellow bloggers.

Bedtime. Never the same hour.