The Real World: Reflections From an Intern

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The Real World: Reflections From an Intern

This blog was written by our Clemson University Campus Ambassador, Laura

The real world is scary. As a college senior, the mere mention of it causes my heart
rate to quicken. Okay, so maybe it isn’t that bad. The real world also seems exciting, or
maybe it will after I land my first job.

As I begin my job search, I have started to reflect on my internship experiences. What
parts of the job did I like? What didn’t I like? What kind of job would I like to work?

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to work three internships during my college
career. Each one has exposed me to a different side of PR. For any other PR wanna-be’s
heading out into the real world, allow me to share my experiences with you. Hopefully
they will help you with your job search.

Agency vs. In-house

When heading out into the real world, most PR students have to make a decision about
whether they want to do agency or in-house PR. An agency job usually requires working
for several different brands, while in house means you focus on one brand.

I am very thankful to have seen a glimpse of both worlds during my internships. In my
opinion, the biggest difference was being able to work with multiple clients in a few
hours at an agency, while obviously solely focusing on the company while doing in-

I found that I enjoyed working in an agency because I love the variety each day offers.
For any other students trying to decide what they want to do with their career, I highly
recommend trying to get internship experience in both areas if possible.

What do fashion PR and accounting have in common?

Honestly, not much. However, it was good for me to be able to be able to work with such
a wide range of clients. Having this opportunity allowed me to see which types of clients
I enjoy working with the most.

No matter which internship I worked at, one common theme ran throughout each course.
I had to know my clients. I didn’t know anything about the architecture or design/home
accessories fields when I started working at Full Circle PR. However, I quickly learned
I needed to educate myself about the client and the field they practiced in. I was often
required to come up with social media content, including blog posts, which obviously
required me to know about the industry.

If you follow the Intern Queen blog, chances are you have an internship or are planning
to get an internship sometime during your college career. Although it’s not always easy
to juggle an internship(s) and school, it can be done. Even though the real world is still a
little scary, I feel much more prepared for it because of my internships.