Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

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Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s YouTube video is for all of the job and internship seekers who are sending out applications and going for interviews, but can’t seem to land the job. That’s right, I’m going through the reasons why you are not getting hired!

From your written application to your interview, there are several common mistakes that can ruin your chance of success! In this video, I’ll go over everything from generic cover letters to having confidence in the interview so you can get the job or internship of your dreams. Remember, you always want to present yourself appropriately and show the employer what you can bring to their company!

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for that first job or you are still applying for those last minute summer internships, rejection can be frustrating! So check out the complete list of reasons why you’re not getting hired in the full video, below:


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Lauren Berger

The Intern Queen