A Reflection Of My Past Jobs

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A Reflection Of My Past Jobs

This blog was written by Korrie, our campus ambassador from SUNY Cortland. She majors in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and will be graduating in May 2012.

I got my very first job when I was sixteen. I remember getting my first paycheck; $179.50, I felt like I had just made a million bucks! As I grew up, these paychecks didn’t seem to be as satisfying as I first remembered them to be. I started to waitress once I was old enough and had an array of jobs, including: wedding dress shop, prom dress shop, bakery, retail clerk, hostess and even state fair ticket counter! (They should have called me the “Job Queen.”)

You never know where a job can take you or what you can take from it. This past summer, I had my most memorable job yet. I found a live-in nanny position through care.com. It was listed as $250.00 a week for 35 hours of work, two kids, and in Montauk, NY (9 hours from my home). I took it, and spontaneously moved to the very tip of long island. I was to spend the whole summer working in the Hamptons and unknowingly opening myself up to a whole new world of adventure.

I got a second job out there at a little Mexican place. They hired me as a prep cook, something that I had made clear I had zero experience in doing. A few weeks later, I had learned how to chop every vegetable known to man, how to cook, and my Spanish was highly improving.

At the end of what I told my parents would be “my most profitable summer ever”, I ended up just about breaking even. Financially, I wish I had been more profitable, but the experiences I gained from being on my own for the first time, working for a living, and meeting friends from all over the world had broadened my mind, and to me that was just as valuable.

Now, I’m starting to apply to real life post-grad jobs and wanted to share some of the lessons I accumulated from my past jobs that you can apply the real job world.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a Bachelor’s degree, hard work and a strong work ethic pays off!
  2. Never sell yourself short when it comes to agreeing on a salary. On average, women get paid less than men because they are afraid to ask for more money. From my experiences, women tend to be more timid talking about these matters. You are worth the salary that you think you deserve so don’t be afraid to name it.
  3. A good resume is key. Key. Key.
  4. Take every interview and job seriously whether it’s for a summer position or for your dream job.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take a route on your own, it is the best way to grow and learn.
  6. Take something from every experience you have! Each job helped to get me where I am today which is optimistically looking to the future and ready to start the job/career hunt.

What is your most memorable job experience so far?